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Thank you to everyone who attended the launch and gave me such wonderful feedback on my first book.

I’m delighted to announce that I have set up an online store where you can purchase Graces and Blessings from Ireland and also some limited edition A4 prints. The link to the store is

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It’s May, it’s May!

May is the start of it;
Hedges are dressing up in whitethorn doilies
and swooping house martins vacuum the air.
In a busy week God, I forget the seeds
until they catch my eye.

All five cucumbers, raise their heads to meet the light
while scores of basil leaves like green pin-heads on earthy cushions
bring promises of pesto and pungent juicy tomato salads.
My taste buds are tingling.
Thanking you God, in anticipation.


I love chocolate

I give thanks for chocolate.
Dark or milky but never white
Filled with nuts,
Wrapped around honeycomb,
shaped like an egg,
poured over ice-cream,
dribbled over puddings,
filled with liqueur,
icing on cakes,
topping on biscuits,
encased in colourful papers
and elaborate boxes.
Dear God, I hope you can see that I am most grateful for chocolate.

Chocolate Cake